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10. Go Ballooning

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Go Ballooning

Experience the tranquility and beauty of nature as you float above the Shropshire countryside. Espiritu Balloon Flights are operated by an experienced pilot with thousands of hours experience and offer ‘Real Ballooning’ by using smaller balloons and baskets that are easier to launch and land.
Customers can get involved right away with hands on experience of helping to inflate the balloon prior to flight (optional) and activating the burners to increase altitude.
There are lots of different launch sites across Shropshire to chose from, or you can even negotiate your own launch site if you prefer. 

Espiritu Balloon Flights
Espiritu Balloon Flights Ltd
Plox Green
England, UK

Espiritu Balloon Flights
Opening Times:
Open at unusual times because ballooning happens at the beginning and end of the day as well as weekends.
If not available, please leave a message and you will be called back. 
More definite office hours are:
9.00 am to 12.00 pm, Monday and Friday
9.00 am to 3.30 pm Tuesday to Thursday 

Espiritu Balloon Flights
Scheduled flights from £85.00 to £120.00 per person depending on the time of day.
Private flights from £650.00 for 2 people, to £750.00 for 6 people. Please follow the Espiritu Balloon Flights link below for full details of flights and prices. 
T  +44 (0)1743 790100

   +44 (0)845 458 2575

F  +44 (0) 1743 790100

   Local Rate 0845 458 2575

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Espiritu Balloon Flights location

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