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2. Scuba Diving Lessons

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Scuba Diving Lessons

Crystal clear waters, a plethora of marine life and fantastic wreck diving make the Isles of Scilly an ideal place to experience life under the waves.

The clear, protected waters mean that there are some great diving and snorkelling locations around the islands.

A look under the water will reveal a wealth of colour and wildlife. Imagine coming face to face with a seal colony on a snorkelling adventure, an activity that has delighted many visitors to Scilly.

For an unforgettable experience, a dive amongst arguably one of the most impressive jewel anemone walls in the UK should not be missed. Boasting an array of truly spectacular wreck and reef dives, the Isles of Scilly have diving excursions to cater for all, from the novices to the more experienced diver.

Scilly has an equally colourful maritime history, with countless shipwrecks from bygone eras scattered under the sea around the islands. Some of the best wreck dives in the UK can be found here as a result. You could find yourself swimming alongside the HMS Association which infamously sank in 1707 or the 1997 Cita cargo ship, Scilly’s very own Whisky Galore wreck.

Explore sapphire-blue water, blushing crimson reefs and a pristine, light flooded marine environment abundant with life.

All of these elements make diving on the Isles of Scilly a captivating experience.

Scuba diving lessons and expeditions addresses and contact details:
Isle of St Martin’s
Scilly Diving
St. Martin’s
Isles of Scilly
TR25 0QL 
T 07884-055122 or
01720-423420 or
Scilly Diving Dive School 
T 01720-422848 or 07884 478349
St. Martin’s Diving Services
T  +44 (0)1720 422848
Isle of St Mary’s 

St. Mary’s Sea Safaris
T  +44 (0)1720 422732
M  07747 615732

W  Isles of Scilly official tourism website  

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Scilly Diving Location, St Martin’s, Isles of Scilly 

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